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More Ship Decks (i.e Broadsword)

Posted: Sat May 11, 2019 10:51 pm
by fearnow the bald
This is probably a question answered in Dev Corner someplace, but I'm not seeing it on scanning: How will ships be realized moving forward? Will it be possible to for instance have a much larger vessel (Boaodsword)specifically competing against teams of smaller ships (Traders already released)? Or is there a scheme that ensures that even a Type S will survive somehow against a 400tonne Trader?

Irealize that this isn't ostensibly a combat game, but simple resources options on a larger ship are by nature more plentiful.

Finally: Is there really a Broadsword card out there someplace?

Re: More Ship Decks (i.e Broadsword)

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 11:13 pm
by Horizon Jeff
There is a Broadsword. It was a promo card as part of the Kickstarter rewards. The release version is not likely to be the same, and when the release version comes out, the promo version will probably be disallowed (or, rather, people can play it as the release version).

Future ships are coming out in two formats:

1) Mini-packs. These are going to be released over print-on-demand services like DriveThruCards. The idea is an 11 card pack. 1 ship card, 2 copies each of 2 adventure cards and 3 copies each of 2 captain's cards, all new to the game.

2) Ship Decks: 81 cards. 1 ship card, 20 adventure cards and 60 captain's cards. Exact number of distinct cards will vary with each deck, and it's possible they may include some reprints in order to make them playably out of the box (some of the basic functionality cards, like Bwap Advisors, may end up being reprinted in other decks).

We're hoping to get the mini-packs out this spring. Right now there's three on the line up. The 400 ton Gazelle Close Escort, the 100 ton Type H Bounty Hunter and the 200 ton Safari Ship.

As for how smaller ships are going to balance against larger, obviously as with any CCG, balance is a continuing concern. Our idea is to give the larger, more capable ships a disadvantage rather than an ability.

For instance, the promo Broadsword doesn't have a good ability, instead it requires 5 more :vp to win. The playtest version of the Broadsword, which can actually be found on our Boardgamegeek page, reduces the captain's hand size to 5.

It's our hope that these disadvantages will make up for the increased capabilities and slots available to larger ships. Player base feedback is critical in that determination, so if you have any interest in playtesting, please let us know!

Re: More Ship Decks (i.e Broadsword)

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 3:52 am
by Wargfn
Here is a Direct Link to the Broadsword Promo card.
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