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Solo Play Saturdays!

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 2:37 pm
by Horizon Jeff
Solo Play Saturday is a new weekly (well, maybe semi-weekly) feature. We'll introduce a theme for you lone wolves to try out.

Re: Solo Play Saturdays!

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 2:37 pm
by Horizon Jeff
3/16/19, Understudies.
The second string gets a time to shine!

You may not include any :crew with a cost above :credit1 in your captain's deck!
3/23/19, "better to have and not need"
At the end of any round in which the captain controls any :crew without an attached :gear, the captain loses 1 :vp.
3/30/19, "I don't Tan, I burn"
Captains may not include any cards in their captain's decks drawn by the artist Tan Ho Sim. Good luck, he's one of our most prolific!

Just to be super clear, this applies only to the captain's deck, so you can still use a :ship or adventure card he's done.
4/6/19, "Glut on the Market"
Whenever you expend a card from hand or the top of your deck, if you control a copy of the same card in play, the expended card's :ev is reduced by 1.

Note that "in play" is redundant with the requirement to control, but I added it for clarity.
4/13/19, "Ricochet"
At the end of each phase, randomly determine a :crew you control and inflict one :wounds upon them. If the selected :crew has Armor, roll a D6. On a 4+, the wounding source is considered to have Armor Piercing 1.
4/27/19, "It's Complicated"
At the end of the Adventure Phase, if you are committed to a :contract, add a :complication to that :contract if it has an empty :complication slot.
5/4/19, "Tight Labor Market"
You may only include a number of distinct :crew cards equal to the :crew slots possessed by your :ship. Note, however, that you may still include multiple copies of each distinct :crew.

For this scenario, the Scout may include up to 5 copies of the same :crew.
5/18/19, "Beyond the Scope"
When constructing your adventure deck, at least 10 :contract must include a capability requirement not native to your :ship.
6/1/19, "Gotta Jiggle the Handle"
As an additional cost to generate any :upgrade ability, you must exert a :crew.
6/8/19, "Uneventful"
All :event are worth 1 less :ev .
6/15/19, "Cash is King"
During the Procurement Phase, all cards gain the Cash keyword (you may only pay their cost by expending cards from hand).
6/22/19, "Subprime Mortgage"
You require an additional 5 :vp to win.
7/6/19, "Aliens are Among Us"
You may only include non-Human :crew in your captain's deck.
7/13/19, "Just Can't Get Ahead"
Your captain's deck may only contain 30 cards, but whenever you would go bankrupt, instead of going bankrupt, shuffle your discard pile into your captain's deck. Then, lose one-half your :vp , rounded up and gain a Backslide counter.

If you have three or more backslide counters, you lose.
7/20/19, "Hostiles"
At the end of the round, jettison any :crew without either Armor or Concealed.
8/3/19, "There Can Be Only One"
You may not include more than one copy of any card in your captain's deck.
8/17/19, "You Never Know What's Coming"
Make your captain's deck by taking 70 random captain's cards from your collection.
9/7/19, "Oops"
At the end of the Resource Phase, randomly remove 1 token from your Resource pool. If your :ship is 400 tons or more, randomly remove 2 tokens.
9/14/19 "Know Nothings"
Whenever you would collect an Expert skill token, you must either pay :credit1 or collect the Trained token of that skill instead.
9/21/19, "Junk Pile"
All :upgrade have an :ev of 0.
9/28/19, "Profit Sharing"
At the end of any round in which you complete a :contract, for each :crew you control, pay :credit1 or jettison them.
10/12/19, "Twenty"
Your captain's deck must consist of three copies each of 20 distinct cards.
10/19/19, "Ticking Clock"
After the end of round four, if you haven't won, you lose.
11/11/19, "Scratches and Dings"
At the end of each phase, choose an :upgrade attached to your :ship and inflict one :structure on it.
11/23/19, "Strained Resources"
Cards in your hand with an :ev greater than 1 count as :ev 1 when expended.

Re: Solo Play Saturdays!

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:38 am
by windforce
Great idea! I will try it out next Saturday (too busy this week).

Re: Solo Play Saturdays!

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:51 am
by Horizon Jeff
windforce wrote:
Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:38 am
Great idea! I will try it out next Saturday (too busy this week).
It's the fate of all understudies to sit and wait!

Re: Solo Play Saturdays!

Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 9:45 am
by windforce
Well I reached 20 :vp at my first try in 4 rounds with 17 cards (worth 21 :ev ) remaining.
I was pleasantly surprised how smooth it played.
I did not need/play any :heroics (only 5 in the deck) but as always they were useful as :ev .

My decklist:

Solo Challenge - No Crew Cost above 1

Beowulf Free Trader Ship

2x Down the Main (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
2x Humanitarian Evacuation (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
2x Mid Passage Mark (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
2x Reach for the Stars (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
2x Refugee Resettlement (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
2x Scheduled Shipment (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
2x Smuggler's Run (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
2x Trans-Shipping (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
2x Witness Relocation (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
2x Interspecies Census (Aliens of the Imperium)

2x Crazy Eddy's Discount Depot (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
2x Llaegzko's "Surplus' Outlet (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
2x Alien Quarter Market (Aliens of the Imperium)

2x BuffBot-3000 (Promo Cards)
2x Buddy (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
2x Siobhan El-Amin (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
3x Aokhyuk, Discreet Scholar (Aliens of the Imperium)
2x Doc Ozi (Aliens of the Imperium)
2x Jeeves (Aliens of the Imperium)
2x Wabapawap, Speaker of the Tree (Aliens of the Imperium)

1x Grav-Hauler (Promo Cards)
2x Body Pistol (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
3x Cognition Wafer (Type S Scout Ship)

3x Bwap Advisors (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
3x Consultant Call (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
2x 3PL (Type S Scout Ship)
3x Freelancer (Type S Scout Ship)
3x Just a Little Longer... (Type S Scout Ship)
3x Predatory Tactics (Type S Scout Ship)
3x Inhuman Persistence (Aliens of the Imperium)

2x Personal Intervention (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
3x Contingency (Type S Scout Ship)

3x Ablative Armor (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
1x Luxury Suite (Beowulf Free Trader Ship)
3x SureShot Missile Turret (Type S Scout Ship)
1x Specialized Habitat (Aliens of the Imperium)

Re: Solo Play Saturdays!

Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 12:04 pm
by Wargfn
windforce wrote:
Fri Mar 22, 2019 9:45 am
I did not need/play any :heroics (only 5 in the deck) but as always they were useful as :ev .
I find that Heroics make nice :ev padding cards. All of these cards are usually 2 :ev.

Re: Solo Play Saturdays!

Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 5:20 pm
by Horizon Jeff
Going to post new Solo Play Saturdays by just editing the first reply post, to keep them up top and easy to find.

Re: Solo Play Saturdays!

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 2:01 am
by windforce
Yesterday evening I succeeded in the "Better to have than to need" challenge.

Piloted the Beowulf :ship
I will not bother you with the entire decklist (which had a lot in common with my deck for the first Saturday Solo challenge), but some cards that where very helpful (as you might expect):

:crew Dezidhodunde Mehri was good (although only for himself due to his ability).
:gear Cheap ones like Densitometer (although restricted), Cognition Wafer, Panacea Autojector.
Other alien :crew in order to play the essential (for this challenge anyway):
:connection Alien Quarter Market and Llaezgkl's Surplus Market.

Actually I only lost just one :vp in the match and that was pure carelessness, since I had a :credit0 :gear in hand.

Until next time.

Re: Solo Play Saturdays!

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 5:32 am
by Horizon Jeff
Yeah, Dezi is pretty strong. In competitive play, he's a prime Alien Persecution target. But in solo play, he's just a gem. Especially if you want the :underworld+.

Re: Solo Play Saturdays!

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 10:31 am
by windforce
Yes, for the first I truly succeeded since I achieved my victory on Saturday. :lol:

The nicest thing of this challenge was that I could not play certain staples, so I had to diverge to other cards which I had not played (often) until now.
No remarkable MVP's this time, but lots of alien :crew played their part again.