Traveller Customizable Card Game Contributors

Traveller Customizable Card Game Contributors

The talented individuals who lent their gifts to the game we love.
Project Contributors
Ours would be a dull sky without the light from these stars.

Graphic Design, packaging, print layout

Jovial Graphics & Games

So much going on with her, she scares our insurance

Brittni Barger

Cinematography, editing, sound, and all around moving images wizard

Donald Turner

Web design, support and hosting services

Tribal Dawn
Card Artists
(Horizon Games is not responsible for any content in any artist’s gallery)

Mahmoud Czenik

Aleksandar Mihajlovic

Breakthrough, Dwight Cain, Free Trader Network, Psychic Theft, Strategic Serenity, Xenopoison

Alexandra Vardanian

Alien Quarter Market, Class X Startown Bar, Contingency, Finch & Cho CPAs

Andreas Rocha

Biddable Official, Densitometer, Marta Rodriguez, Misdirection, Realms of Rampage, Vorn Drusus

Annika Maar

Gateway to Destiny

Bryan Gibson

Ganidiirsi Dirgushii, Reliance on Professionals

Chong Chee Kong

Broadsword Mercenary Cruiser (Kickstarter Exclusive Variant Art), Improvised Defenses, Subsidized Merchant

Dave Jones

Calling in a Marker, PRO-TECH Flak Jacket, Time is Money

David Fernandez

Dramatic Renegotiation, Flint, Siobhan El-Amin

David Ogilvie

Lost and Found, Police Raid

Dmitry Derzhavin

False Registry Markings, Prey on the Weak, Q-Ship Conversion, Streamlining Treatment, Tactical Display

Ian Stead

Bwap Advisors, Tear Gas Cannister, Wabapawap Speaker of the Tree, Zett Usraich

Jazz Siy

Aminah Darzi M.D., Kydut Naboh, Missile Barbette, Reap the Whirlwind, Type S Scout

Jin Kim

Dr. Peter L.S. Trevor Xenobiologist, Restricted Tech Vendor, Unearth

Julijana Mijailovic

Crackdown, Dreaded Visage, Freelancer, George Zamepiimaakha, Gvaerrggoursu, Homesick, Professor Leander Standish, Sabotage, Targeted Removal


Adventure Card Art

Leonardo Calamati

Empress Marava Far Trader (ship render)


Jeeves, Jim Thorne, Just a Little Longer..., Laying Low, Luxury Suite, Rhal'Kais Chop Shop, Surgical Intervention

Maik Beiersdorf

Fatimah Noori

Mandy Jürgens

Armed Gig, Deshaun Jasso, Glancing Shot, Hacker's Chainsaw, Llaegzko's "Surplus" Outlet, Lt. Cmdr Sir Sandar van Othlezee, Personal Intervention, Remember that Time..., Trouble on the Mains

Matt Haley

Rhal'Kais Syndicate

Michael Matsumoto

Desert Trade Station, Drop Fuel Tanks, Sensor Drone Controller

Michael Rookard

Inhuman Persistance, Neural Gun, Walter Glen IMC

Nagy Norbert

Prof. Issacs Cyberneticist, Thulse

Nakarin Sukontakorn

Advanced Solutions Inc., Consultant Call, Crew Compartment, Defensive Mines, Drifting Depot, Drop Capsules, EnviroSafe Vacc Suit, Imperial Aquila, Infirmary, Low Berth Module, LSP Multi-Phased Array, Modular Hold, Narda Systems 150-MJ Laser, RVD Overtuned Thruster Plate, Smuggling Hold, Stellar Anomaly Log, SureShot Missile Turret

Nicholas Lim

Alien Persecution, Baronet Cronin, Gorbash, Rika Honami, Yuryehke Aslan Trader

Nichole Balsley

Aunt Crow Bartender, Liam "A.I." Simons

Nick Avallone

Ablative Armor, Alien Pathogen, Black Market Investors, Hortalez et Cie Bonding Office, Inspired Oration, Onjiinuunon, Polymath, Rhonuit Pruir

Nick Egberts

Buddy, Catastrophic Overbooking, Crash Course, Med Kit, Sinister Reputation, Ta'Nal of Adari, The Lucky Star

Nikita Nanako

Bhavana Patil, Bodyguard, Cold Engines, On the Lam, Snickers and Slanders, TL-13 CLC Laser Rifle, Twists and Turns

Paolo Puggioni

Efficiency Diagnostic, Liach Tzen and Giiar

Raul A. Santos

BuffBot-3000, Grav Assisted CargoBot, Grav-Hauler

Robert Pearce

Babel TL-11 Translator, Diverse Dynamics, Gisgo, Overextended, Sophont Worker's Union

Rodolfo Hernandez


Roger Bonet Martinez

Aggravated Assault, Body Pistol, Doctor Wishik, Opportune Alliances

Sarut Sathitpiyarat

First Empire Star Jumper, The Tigress' Wake

Shawn Driscoll

Shipping, Shipping & Handling

Sebastián Koziner

3PL, Anonymous Insertion, Aokhyuh Discreet Scholar, Beowulf Free Trader, Cognition Wafer, Doc Ozi, Frontier Shipping Co., Crazy Eddy's Discount Depot, Dance Among the Heavens, Empress Marava Far Trader (background), Engineering Kit, Fragmentation Grenade, Glitch, Honor Blade, Kitbash, Mark Appleton, Panacea Autojector, Rancke's Razor, Redlining, Sir Cynewulf Jauregg, Specialized Habitat, Starship Graveyard, Teodoro Weinstein, The Pretty Penny, Tibor, Triage, Voypa

Tan Ho Sim

Extrapolated Readings, Negotiated Nonaggression, Predatory Tactics

Temarius Walker

Dezihdhodhunde Mehro, Imlaii Ergarsuu, Registry Access Crash

Theresa Königseder-Haller

Data Mining Consultant, Euphrasie Fleta, Irina Tynkova

Vadim Marchenkov

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