Type HT Bounty Hunter Deck

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Type HT Bounty Hunter Deck

Post by Buzz Saiyan » Mon Jan 30, 2023 1:08 pm

This is the most current version of my Bounty Hunter deck. It has gone through 2 revisions since I initially built it. Whilst it doesn't have defence against :infamy , it is guaranteed to put a heavy control on the opponent's :crew and benefit from this greatly. A competent pilot can out-speed a :infamy deck with this build. All the adventures and complications are solvable by the deck and with the extra :vp from the :ship effect and Death Mark :alteration I can get more chit :vp for the W.
I love the Dez into grenade combo, but Dez can also fish the one off Armed gig :vehicle if extra :av is needed beyond the Sureshot Turret :hardpoint . Lost & found :heroics and Universal Solvent :heroics controls the :gear on both ends of the table. Aggro Assault :heroics , Gorbash :crew (bear buddy) and Deadeye :crew (Faithful woofer) are the core :crew removal package, but Xenopoison :alteration is mean as hell, especially for :credit0 ! Also, Aunt Crow :ally is fair to say to be a staple 3x in every deck that wants consistency. PEACE
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