Crew Control 2020

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Crew Control 2020

Post by Horizon Ian » Wed Feb 12, 2020 9:33 am

So, may have noticed that there are both more ways to remove crew and to defend them with Rogue's Gallery and Central Supply Catalog.

Thoughts on whether the metagame after these are in people's hands will be more crewkilly or less crewkilly?

I posted a deck over on that is one way to address the amount of crew removal.

I think I'm also seeing not just our Fremont group but others try running less expensive crew to just accept that crew are rather fragile. I've only seen one player try to build a crew "fortress" with Vacc Suits and Infirmary to keep two key crew in play rather than just pop out more.

Anyway, reason I brought this up is that we've been watching crew control for a long time for the potential to be too much of a bloodbath, and we want to make sure the game is not losing something for you all as crew are such a core element to play. If more weapons and ways to bring back Grenades over and over make things even bloodier, we can look to do things to shift the metagame. Of course, it would be good to see what the players do metagamewise before we try to influence anything.
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