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Prey on the Weak

Post by Frewfrux » Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:39 pm

Prior to a game, I asked a moderator for a card ruling by PM so I wouldn't reveal any secrets. I am now posting that question, and the answer, here.

First the question:
The card "Prey on the Weak" has a captain committing a piracy action out of the normal sequence.
1) Does that captain gain an infamy token? If not, does he loose one at the end of the turn?
2) Normally a captain has to cancel the contract they are perusing, but the cards makes no mention of that. Does that apply?
3) Normally piracy actions are resolved in the Resolution Phase. Is this one resolved right away as it states "Immediately"?
Now for the answer:
I don't have the card in front of me at moment. But, here goes.

1. You only get an Infamy Token if you declare as a pirate during Adventure Phase (pg. 11). Card text can break this rule. You lose an Infamy Token if you do not declare a piracy action sometime during the round (pg. 20, Stage 4).

2. You perform the piracy action during the action round and continue to pursue the contract. Becoming uncommitted after performing a resolution phase piracy action is only due to the normal piracy action during the resolution phase.

3. See above.

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