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Post KublaCon Rulings

Post by Horizon Ian » Mon May 30, 2022 5:57 pm

Didn't have that many new questions come up at KublaCon 2022, but can start a new thread for things that did come up.

If there are multiple Captain Joseph L. Brown V in play, then native 0 EV cards gain bonuses from all of them.

Don't think this has been published, but margin of victory determines who wins before going to tiebreakers.

If you need 17 VPs to win and have 18 VPs and I have 20 VPs, you win as your margin of victory is greater than mine.

We played our first five-player game ever. We did each player owning one contract slot, there were five contracts in play at all times. The game was great and didn't take forever. It helped that there weren't a lot of action phase effects, such as people deciding who to remove with crew removal. Not only would those increase analysis, but they would have led to more table politics. Part of the reason for bringing this game up is that two players tied in margin of victory, so the player with 21 VPs and 2 Initiative who needed 17 VPs to win defeated the player with 24 VPs and 1 Initiative. (I plan on posting more about this game and others, but I ended the game with 6 VPs, being the only person who had no possibility of getting enough to win in the final round.)
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