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Post by Horizon Ian » Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:06 am

I was out of town for a while. As I had plans on doing a demo while in Shanghai, I really should have posted that plan here, but one of the factors in the demo was whether additional product for a demo got shipped to a friend so that I could pick it up, so I also didn't do a good job of informing the locals what my plan was.

Eleven years ago, I ended up gaming in Shanghai due to a coworker. Three years ago, without a known gamer coworker, I ended up joining a group that was aimed at expats. Went to a couple of events held at miscellaneous places. When that group's leadership moved on, Laurent picked up the group and that's how I found out about Core Game Salon.

I couldn't always make it there when on business trips and the trips are drying up, but, if you happen to be in that area, Laurent seemed interested in the game after my demo, asking the obvious questions about when the game is purchasable.

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