Solo Card Ideas - Comments please!

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Solo Card Ideas - Comments please!

Post by Cpt Ric » Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:48 pm

I wrote this up in Word so It doesn't have the icons, and I'm being lazy and not editing it to change to all the icons. Please comment on what you think of these. My goal here is to generate ideas for a Solo Deck Expansion for the game. These cards would be intended for Solo play only. I suppose they could be used in multiplayer games but the idea is basically to "change" existing cards to make them more useful in Solo play. Most card are fine in Solo play, and some are just not that useful and a few are down right useless except for the :ev value. My goal is to get those not so useful and useless cards to be at least more useful in Solo play so they aren't just a :ev card. Here is my first cut at that. Also, I'm not saying here that the Solo card would necessarily be the same named card with just changed text, it might be a "new" :crew card for example, but it's morphed from the one that already exists.

Solo Version Cards for Traveller

All these cards have attributes that are not useful in Solo play, some they are just less useful. Other really are very useful at all other than resource value, like “Lost and Found”.

Crew Cards. For these other than the skill they offer, any effect they have is not really useful in Solo play:
Ganiddiirsi Digushii – Change to “Exert cost 1 – search deck for a Heroic action and add to your hand”
Rika Honami – Change to “ready a target crew” rather than exert a crew
Wabapawap, Speaker of the Tree – Change to “Exert cost 2 – search deck for a noble or imperial and add to hand”
Liach, T’zen and Giiar – change to “Exert cost 1 – search deck for event and add to hand”
Imlaii Ergarsuu – Change to “Replenish 1 if any crew is wounded”
Gvaerrggoursu – Change to “After completing a Military Contract gain one additional victory point”

There are other crew (like Flint) that could potential be more useful in Solo play but at lease have an attribute that is helpful in Solo.

Heroic Action Cards. Certainly, you can just play and not use these, however that limits the number of possible Heroic Actions available for the given skill required:
Lost and found – Trained: search discard for one gear add to hand, Expert: same but attached to this crew member instead.
Psychic Theft – Trained: Copy one Skill from targeted crew, Expert: copy all from targeted crew.
Remember that time – Expert: same as trained but user of the Action is not exerted.
Police Raid – Trained: resolve any unsavory compilation. Expert: Same but also replenish 1.
Sabotage – This one might just be one to not use in Solo. I was thinking of something like “Soup Up” that is coming in Rogue’s Gallery.
Sinkers and Slanders – This one might just be one to not use in Solo.
Hobble – Not sure about this one, but something for the combat skill would be good.

Connections Cards. There are lots of connections so these are likely on the very tail end of the list:
Biddable Official – Add a corruption counter when you play an event. Use and exert remove 4 corruption counters and retrieve a random event from the discard pile.
Hortalez et Cie Bonding office – Add a leverage counter after each contract completed. Ready phase, use and exert pay 4 leverage counters and retrieve one crew from the discard and add to your hand, doesn’t count toward hand size.


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Re: Solo Card Ideas - Comments please!

Post by Wargfn » Mon Jun 15, 2020 3:27 pm

I really like this idea. Solo play seems a little one dimensional.

I play a variant that I mentioned before where I add a ship deck stack that changes every turn for a piracy target; however, I have not had much luck of it feeling like a diversion. And since had already tended to avoid large crowds have yet to make it to a Con where people are playing the game, my very occasional opponent has always just been a race to get to 20 VPs before my wife does.

Piracy itself is a pretty complicated action to take as a Captain. It can be used as a mill action against your opponent or to try and get him to sacrifice a needed :upgrade on his ship to slow his accumulation of :vp. While holding onto :infamy tokens makes it more difficult for you to acquire additional cards during the procurement phase. In a Solo game, milling does nothing. No Opponent also means the race is only with you running out of cards before hitting 20 :vp.

I do like the solo challenges that we already have. They have specific requirements you are trying to meet will still getting to 20 :vp. I like the announcement of the Solo Scenarios, which is one thing that can benefit solo players. I would also love to see a mini-campaign, where you build your Captains deck, plus a small sideboard of 5 cards, and select your ship, then play a 3 linked game set. Those three games have specific adventure cards which have to be overcome. Between the three games you are allowed to switch in a sideboard of 5 cards on a 1 for 1 basis. Maybe that is where Ian is headed with the Solo Scenarios.

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