Flying Blind & Combining Scenarios

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Flying Blind & Combining Scenarios

Post by Hsaw Nala » Fri Aug 21, 2020 9:47 am

I've found that randomizing all cards, including the ship, is great fun (10 of each type for the Captain's deck to make 60). I play Scenario One without knowing what contracts will come up or what is in my deck (until I go rummaging for whatever reason). The stories that unfold can be very entertaining. Proud to say I've still to lose with this! Never too many cards left though.

Also, I've crewed the Vulture with the Dirty Half Dozen a few times. Much harder and obviously not flying blind. I've only beaten this one once and that's with the self-appointed advantage of pooling dice rolls to remove the Vulture's raider tokens, rather than relying on rolling a 6 for each one. Great fun!

Still to have a two-player game...
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