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New Player Resource

Post by Wargfn » Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:36 am

I have been thinking about a "New Player Resource" addition to the TravellerDB to help new players get into the game. I have seen way too often now, new players saying the iconography makes it very difficult for them to learn the rules. So much so that I added all of the English words back into the Appendices section of the Rules Reference on the website. And while that covers the whole game, I was thinking about writing something for the Solo Gamer new to TravellerCCG specifically focuses on that style of play.

I have a had a few sessions with new players over Hangouts to answer questions and walk them through playing solo. Since the goal is to make entry easier for new players, what would have you liked to have seen, known, or proceeded with learning before your first Solo Game?

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