Gaming in 2020

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Horizon Ian

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Gaming in 2020

Post by Horizon Ian » Sun May 24, 2020 8:36 pm

2020 has been a year with something different than anything prior. Yes, Spanish Flu pandemic or the like would have similarities, and there are places in the world that had to deal with SARS, MERS, et al. But, today's world is just different in significant ways from 100 years ago and the global impact of Covid-19 has been unlike anything I've seen with other diseases.

Here is not a place I see to get into non-Traveller Card Game aspects to the unfortunate events that have been transpiring. So, I'm going to try to stay focused on the Traveller Card Game here.

Every gaming event I was planning on traveling out of state for has been cancelled or been postponed but remain at high risk for cancellation. In state conventions have been cancelled. The impact may end up being felt beyond 2020, though that's needlessly speculative, I suppose.

As has been mentioned, solo play is an area that this game does better than most. We can push on trying to support solo play better and are looking to move forward with at least one project.

Electronic play would be another way to facilitate play. I have done maybe about as much online RPG play in the last two months as I would have in person RPG play. This is an area where you all can help with suggestions as to how we can help. I play a card game heavily played on Lackey, for instance; however, I don't play it on Lackey as I prefer in person play. In other words, Horizon doing any of its own electronic initiatives is not something to rely on, at this time.

We fully expect that the rest of 2020 is going to be thin on public gaming. If Origins happens, I'll plan on being there. If a Northern California con manages to happen before the end of the year, I will be inclined to attend.

At the same time, besides looking for ways to support solo play or electronic play, there are things Horizon can do for Traveller this year. Keep providing input into what you want us to do. For instance, I will leave comments about playmats to Jeff, but we can look to do more with print on demand depending upon the scope of a given project.
Ian Lee
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Re: Gaming in 2020

Post by Wargfn » Tue May 26, 2020 12:00 pm

Hey Ian,

In these times of uncertainty, I have found that playing games i enjoy, even solo, a great relaxation and distraction from issues beyond my control. I also enjoy several other hobbies related to my primary profession, which is a Design Team Lead / Infrastructure Engineering role in IT. I would love to support Traveller CCG more and would be interested in bringing the game to other Online Card Platforms. I am judging and supporting another game right now in a Facebook group, where they are playing a tournament style campaign over TTS. Unbeknownst to most of the players in the tournament, I am centrally maintaining the modules for each round as well as hosting all of the results. One of the other judges is editing the videos of playing into a Round vs. Round compilation. I would be interested in hosting an Online version of a Tournament for Traveller CCG. You have the forums, I have the module know how and the deck hosting site. I can see about putting together a deck importer into TTS or perhaps Octagon, Vassal, Lackey or similar platform. Tabletop Simulator does have a TravellerCCG module which I am currently maintaining, but would require everyone to own their own copy of that game.

In other words, If we wanted to host a Traveller CCG tournament Online, I can flesh out all the missing pieces to make it happen.

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Cpt Ric

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Re: Gaming in 2020

Post by Cpt Ric » Tue May 26, 2020 1:51 pm

Even after this current :complication is done, when ever that will be, I'll still be playing solo most of the time I expect.

Generally I like to get away from the computer when playing games as much as possible. I'm a :tech guy and I have to deal with them enough in my work day. To have an electric version of the game would be cool, however I'd still prefer to play the "real thing".

The solo Campaign is interesting but I'd like to see a deck (0r 2) of cards of all types very focused on solo play. Any card that has an effect like "Target a :ship / :crew ..." is a worthless effect in solo play. (The only time I've been able use these effects to a degree is in the solo scenario 3 where there is a set of "bad guys" chasing after you, but they don't have a :ship you can target.) Piracy is also rather useless in solo play. The game system works very well for solo play, it just needs some more focused attention on that aspect of the game.

The solo Saturday challenges are cool and that further proves that solo play works. Let's have some cards of all types that support it.

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