Small v Big Metagaming

Post your decklists, dissect the meta, and gripe about OP cards.
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Small v Big Metagaming

Post by Horizon Ian » Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:18 am

So, it's obvious that the Scout is currently the outlier ship (well, besides the promo Broadsword).

I am inclined to push the Survey VP strategy to be as fast as possible, gain 5-6 VPs a round. But, meanwhile, another metagame consideration is a SubMerchant that is trying to get 6-7 VPs at a time and win in three rounds. Either deck could run crew control or Engineering Kit or Glitch or whatever to mess with the other maxing out in VPs, but the Scout is burning a lot of EV to do its thing and devotes deck space to a "burn bright" strategy that it doesn't feel like the SubMerchant needs to do to the same level.

So, I've been thinking about how the Scout player plays in a metagame where another deck can just go faster or go as fast with a lower burn rate. What I'm wondering about, as I haven't tried to build a good deck that does this, is not playing the short game but running easy contracts for their lower VPs, more reasonable distances than some of the big score contracts, and devoting far more thought to slowing a fast VP deck down. Focus more on the Defeat Enemy Ships and other complications that are more likely to stall out competitors and use events/heroics/gear more to block an opponent ... while still not going into piracy as a strategy. In other words, not play a game of attrition but of obstruction while gaining around 3 VPs a round with hopefully a lower burn rate for more endurance.

This highlights the nature of customizable card games. The objectively best deck isn't necessarily the best deck for winning as your opponents' plays also matter.

Anyway, I'm curious as to other people's experiences and thoughts.
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Re: Small v Big Metagaming

Post by Wargfn » Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:24 pm

My Scout Deck, Jolly Rogers, utilizes easy to complete contracts for the Scout ship. It does go very heavy into Piracy, but those actions are usually round 4+ activities. the basic ideas, is to take those survey missions that are hard for other ships to complete, while setting up for a Piracy win, but reducing :vp required to win. Flex Ticket, Red Zone Prospecting, and Gravimetric Probe Retrieval are exactly what you are trying to complete quickly in the first few turns. Really just trying to pick up 10-15 :vp in those turns. Then Hoisting the Jolly Roger and fully committing to collecting Infamy tokens.

I do like the idea of building an Adventure :survey deck to support pulling in those harder complete missions. With this list of Contracts with :survey options:
Dwarf Planet Survey, Interspecies Census, Stellar Luminosity Study, TAS Inspection, Universal World Profile Update, X-Boat Route Review, Gravimetric Probe Retrieval, Red Zone Prospecting - only a few are within a round 1 / 2 completion, I still think that the best two options are Red Zone Prospecting, and Gravimetric Probe Retrieval

I never considered building a Captains deck that has the purpose of slowing down an opponent. That is an interesting idea.

Also, currently there are more Scout Ship deck builds on TravellerDB at 4 builds, vs. Beowulf (2), Broadsword (1), or Subsidized Merchant (1). The Poor Empress Marava has only the Starter Deck build out there. So it clearly is a :ship people are building decks around.

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