Gazelle Close Escort Mini Ship Pack Now Available!

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Gazelle Close Escort Mini Ship Pack Now Available!

Post by Horizon Jeff » Thu Oct 03, 2019 9:23 pm

The Gazelle Close Escort Mini Ship Pack is now available print-on-demand from DriveThruCards! This set of 11 cards can be seen on the Traveller Card Database.

We're excited to introduce the first ship focused on the heretofore neglected :military capability. The Gazelle is also an effective piracy platform, though its innate 2 :dv may make it attractive to people who find pirates bothersome as well!

This is the first mini ship pack we've released. There's at least two more pending, and if the format proves popular, we may use it to expand the game further, exploring Traveller concepts that don't warrant an entire deck of their own.

Please check it out!

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