Rika Hanami : ???

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Rika Hanami : ???

Post by Baron_Gerry_Rail » Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:37 pm

I think if I figure out this card I will have my insight to the game, and be miles into understanding how to play. So I'm going to "disect" the card and ask for help figuring it out and how to best use it in play.

She is a :crew (Crew) card, cost of 2 :credit2 , provides 1 :ev (Expense) , and has the usual 3 :wounds

Her text tells us:

Action Phase
:action :limited - :credit1 : :exert target :crew

My first read of this is "Exert Rika to procure other crew for 1 less cost".
Or to "Exert Rika to target crew for one less ",
such as Vorn Drusus's Action of
" :action - :exert , :credit2 : Inflict 2 :wounds on target :crew ."

Which made me wonder , why does it have :limited and :exert , surel;y the fact that I exert Rika to do this is in itself self-limiting.

But literally as I typed the entry " :action :limited - :credit1 : :exert target :crew " it occurred to me that this means:
"Limited, ( ie once) , spend :credit1 to force a targetted crew to become Exerted".

So now I'm thinking that, rather than use Rika to acquire crew cheaper, or to hit them cheaper, what she 's really meant to do is to knock other captain's crew into the Exerted position so that they cannot be used this turn.

Your thoughts?

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Re: Rika Hanami : ???

Post by Horizon Ian » Fri Feb 16, 2018 8:45 pm

You got it at the end. Rika's ability is that you can spend 1 as an action, once per round, to exert a target crew. Note that she doesn't exert to use the ability and could use the ability if she were already exerted. Cost before the colon, effect after the colon and all that, though she could target herself if you wanted her exerted for some reason.

Now, for clarity, exerting crew may or may not matter. Sometimes, it's great - stop someone with a gun from shooting you or shut down potentially annoying heroic actions or just keep crew from gaining levels of skills through *their* special abilities. Other times, won't affect opponent's plans for the round at all as exerted crew still supply skill tokens during the resource phase.
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