Welcome to the Traveller Customizable Card Game website!

Welcome to the <b><i>Traveller Customizable Card Game</b></i> website!

Welcome to the home of the Traveller Customizable Card Game!

The site is brand new, so we’re still in the process of getting everything set up.  It is our intention to make this site a place for captains to come and discuss the game, find other players, swap deck ideas, and coalesce as a community.

What is Traveller?

Traveller is a science-fiction role-playing game first published in 1977 by Marc Miller, Frank Chadwick, John Harshman and Loren K. Wiseman.  The original game was released as a kind of universal resolution system, but it was developed in parallel with what would become the “Official Traveller Universe,” the Third Imperium.

Over the last forty years, players have been drawn to Traveller due to the robust flexibility of the rules, the strength of the community, and the rich details of the official setting.

What is the Third Imperium?

The Third Imperium is Traveller’s official setting, an interstellar empire thriving in the 57th Century.  Composed of over 10,000 member worlds, it is a multi-racial, cosmopolitan state.  Professing to rule “the space between the stars,” the Imperium leaves individual planetary governments to run their own societies according to local preferences.  Representative democracies, repressive dictatorships, caste-based theocracies and a host of other administrations can be found among the innumerable member worlds of the empire.

Although the Third Imperium is the strongest interstellar state, it is surrounded by other advanced societies, many of them hostile.

How does the Traveller Customizable Card Game fit in?

In the Traveller Customizable Card Game, players (“captains”) assume the role of free traders, intrepid individuals owning and operating a small merchant vessel.  They ply the space lanes of the Third Imperium, during what is called the Classic Era (around the Imperial year 1106), searching for profit and adventure.  The successful captain must hire crew, upgrade their ship, and engage in heroic feats to keep their accounts in the black and their ship in the sky.

How do I get started with the Traveller Customizable Card Game?

Thank you for your interest in the Traveller Customizable Card Game!  You’ve already taken the first step, by visiting our website.  If you poke around a bit, read up on some of the features, and visit the forums, you can get a sense of what our game is about, what our community is like, and why people have been drawn to the Traveller universe for the last forty years.

To begin your Traveller Customizable Card Game adventure, all a player needs is a single ship deck.  Each ship deck contains 81 cards, enough for a captain to hit the mains of the Third Imperium.  However, because our game is customizable, captains are allowed to construct decks from among all available cards (called the “card pool”).  Other ship decks and expansion packs provide new options and opportunities for players to test and explore.



  1. I like your game. I participated in your tournament at Dundracon.

    Is your kickstarter still open?


    1. Unfortunately our Kickstarter is closed. We’re finishing up fulfillment, then we’ll be offering excess at our online store. Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to join the discussion on the forums!

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